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December 27, 2007 / happykatie

The beats behind Houston Sketchy

lowendtheory.jpgAre you ready for the very first Houston Sketchy on Sunday, January 13th? Mark those calendars from 2-5pm at Avant Garden.

Every party needs a DJ and that’s why we’ve got Low End Theory covering our shindig for all the aural pleasures our sketchers can handle.

Dub loving, hip hop grooving, soul jiving vinyl songster that he is, Deneyterrio will keep it cool and keep it real as you ogle our lovely Sketchy model Ann Berlin and keep those drawing pencils busy.

Want to hear more? You can download his latest podcast for free here and, if you are really nice, just might be able to request some of your favorite beats. Leave your naughty little musical pleasures in the comments and we’ll see what our DJ Mon can whip up.


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  1. cosmopolitician / Dec 29 2007 12:13 am

    can’t friggin wait. listening to madonna’s erotica right now, thinking it might be a good selection…hmmmm

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