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April 27, 2008 / happykatie

3 of our favorite models – on one Sketchy stage!

Not to rub it in or anything, but if you missed our April Dr. Sketchy you missed not only our amazing model Michelle (with the voice of a Sketchy goddess of song) and her awesome guitar accompanist Ant Boogie – but ALSO! our previous 2 months models.

Yeah that’s right, 3 models at one time. We are lucky the room didn’t implode with the Sketchy crazy hotness, really. Super huge thanks to our February gal Ashley and our March gal Katrina for giving up some love to our April gal Michelle.

But we don’t want you to sit home and pout about this tremendous loss of yours, so it’s hugely important that you know about the 3 girls’ dance troupe: L’Amour De Femme. Their premier performance was last week and they have many exciting things coming up.

We’ll keep you posted so you too can bask in their collective glory at an upcoming show. Although who is to say you won’t see a former model or two at upcoming Sketchy Sundays? We are full of surprises like that… Photos thanks to: Michael Cummings (top) and Ed Schipul (left).


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