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June 9, 2009 / happykatie

Last warrior standing – this month we’ve got a NINJA!!

Houston Dr. Sketchy life drawing goes kung fu style!!

All right my Art Monkey warriors, this month’s Dr. Sketchy is coming at ya’ with mighty KUNG FU GRIP!!

We’ll be hosting one heck of a hot model, Chris-san, as he demonstrates his incredibly martial arts prowess, weaponry and all-around awesomeness.  Come for the death-defying poses, stay for the rocking sketching fodder.

When: Sunday, June 14th from 2-6pm
Where: Avant Garden (411 Westheimer)
How much: $10 + model tips (highly recommended if you want to make it out alive bwahahahaha)



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  1. Jenny, Bloggess / Jun 9 2009 5:12 pm

    CRAP! I’m going to be in New York for the first time ever. I am so freaking pissed off right now. Promise me you’ll do it again? Maybe ninjas AND burlesque dancers? And a giant squid? Because that would be awesome.

  2. puddle / Jun 10 2009 12:26 am

    uhhh… why does ninja have lightsaber-sai?!

  3. happykatie / Jun 10 2009 6:28 pm

    Because lasers are AWESOME. 🙂 As are ninjas.

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