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September 16, 2009 / happykatie

Dr. Sketchy limited edition t-shirts for sale!!


Hey groovy Sketchy lovers, check out the latest and greatest in Dr. Sketchy apparel!!

For a (very) limited time only, the Sketchy geniuses are offering one HELL of a fantastic t-shirt that will be sure to inspire your Sketchy creativity and drawing mojo.

Also, it might get you laid.  We’re not promising anything, but we feel very strongly about this.  And by we, we mean ‘Katie’.  Let us know how it goes.

Want a piece of the action?  Fill out this handy form to let us know your details and send your $25 payment to our Paypal account (details on the order form).  We’ll have your shirt waiting for you at the October Dr. Sketchy on October 11th.


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  1. puddle / Sep 16 2009 1:15 am

    if they made it in my size, I’d be all over this…

    Well, I guess technically- it’d be all over me! XD

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