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March 11, 2010 / happykatie

March Madness with your Sketchy pals: 3/14!

Burlesque life drawing with Houston Dr. Sketchy!

Sketchy flier thanks to rock star Eddie

In the mood for some pin up loving and craving a chance to flex those sketching muscles?

GOOD NEWS!!!  Houston Dr. Sketchy is gearing up for one heck of a great pin up loving drawing session with the lovely Karen – with much love from Houston’s very own Pin Up Society.  Check out our gal!!

What: Pin up life drawing fun times!
When: Sunday, March 14th 2-6pm
Where: Avant Garden (upstairs) – 411 Westheimer
How much: $10 + tips for your model



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  1. Mark / Mar 15 2010 12:17 am

    I literally just left. I will definitely be back next month, barring the unforseen. It hasn’t even been two hours since the class ended, and I realized that I forgot to ask Adam if there are other events like this in Houston so I could get practice more than once per month. So that’s my question. Where else can I draw from live models in Houston?

    Thanks a million

  2. Mark / Mar 16 2010 9:06 pm

    Hmmm. I just re-read my message and it occurred to me that my statement, “Where else can I draw from live models in Houston” could be mis-interpreted to mean I don’t or didn’t enjoy Dr. Sketchy. Let me be clear that I really enjoyed my first class, which was in February, and I really enjoyed March Madness, with Karen; wherever she is now, please send her a big thank you. I intend to be there in April, barring the unforseen. Thanks a million twice.


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